Generic Femara (Letrozole) 2.5 Mg

Generic Femara (Letrozole) 2.5 Mg

Active ingredient: Letrozole
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Generic Femara 2.5 mg

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Product information:
Generic Femara contain Letrozole as its active ingredient. The mechanism of the drug involves the inhibition of aromatase enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of androgen into estrogens in the body after which it binds to it respective receptors to perform its functions. Letrozole basically binds with aromatase and prevents the above-mentioned conversion in estrogen. It is a nonsteroidal drug that is specific for its action.

It I available is oral tablets form in 2.5 mg and 5 mg doses. The dose is adjusted according to the condition of the patients. The drug is taken once daily at the same time f the day or is given on alternate days. It should be taken according to the prescription of the doctor. While using the drug, your blood tests should be done frequently to ensure its effectiveness. Also get your bone mineral density checked on regular basis.

The drug is used for several conditions and diseases. It is given in certain types of breast cancer, in which the cancerous cells are sensitive to the hormone estrogen, thus inhibition of estrogen production. But it is given in menopausal women only as it decreases the amount of estrogen in the body thus preventing the spread of tumor and its growth.
It is also used in some cases of infertility and is labeled as fertility drug that helps in ovulation.
The drug is not given to the females who are having pre-menopausal state and hormonal status.  It is not given in female who have been using tamoxifen drug for carcinoma.
Also if the patient is pregnant or is a lactating mother, the drug is not prescribed as it is considered harmful to the fetus and can cause serious anomalies. If you are allergic to the drug or have a history of allergy, do not take the drug.

Side effects:
The drug causes several side effects including:
•    Sweating
•    Pain in the joints
•    Osteoporosis
•    dizziness
•    Hot flashes
•    Fatigue
•    Hypoestrogenemia
•    Harms thinking process
•    Drowsiness
•    Weakness
•    Muscle pain
•    Joint pain
•    Lethargy or tired feeling
•    Headache
•    swelling
•    increased sweating
•    Weight gain
•    Mental depression
•    Shortness of breath
•    Flu-like symptoms
•    chills
•    cough
•    fainting
•    Heart attack
•    slurred speech
•    Vaginal bleeding
•    Changes in vision and coordination

 Before you are prescribed with the drug, let your doctor know if you are suffering from osteoporosis or any liver disease like cirrhosis. Also if you are having high cholesterol levels, tell your doctor before.
If you are planning the pregnancy let your doctor know as it affects the unborn baby and can produce birth defects in the baby.
Also if you are taking other medication for any medical condition or any vitamin supplements, tell your doctor to avoid drug interactions and harmful reaction.