Generic Addyi (Filbanserin) 100 Mg

Generic Addyi (Filbanserin) 100 Mg

Active ingredient: Filbanserin
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FLIBANSERIN (Generic Addyi, Fliban)

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Flibanserin (Generic Addyi)

The Flibanserin Tablet is used by pre-menopausal women to remedy inadequate sexual desires. It should only be used to manage naturally occurring conditions and not those influenced by factors such as mood swings, relationship problems or drugs.


This medication should be taken orally as instructed by a physician.



Flibanserin (Generic Addyi) Tablet is to be taken once daily before sleeping. This is to avoid drowsiness, fainting and risks such as low blood pressure. It should also be taken after meals. It should be used constantly and in a regular manner and time for at least eight months. In case symptoms persist after this period consult your physician immediately.

Side effects

Every drug comes with certain side effects attached. The following is a list of side effects associated with Flibanserin Tablets;

  • Drowsiness
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • tiredness

Other more serious effects include fainting and Low blood pressure. These side effects do not affect all users of Flibanserin Tablets but they are important to note. If you notice any of the above side effects contact your doctor urgently.


Prudent use of any prescribed tablets is important. Ensure that you read and understand the directions on how the drug should be used. Follow any additional guidelines from your physician to the letter.

Before using Flibanserin (Generic Addyi) Tablets ensure that you inform your doctor about any allergies, medication, future surgeries and pre existing medical conditions such as liver conditions and blood pressure (low) complications .Any regular use of narcotics and alcohol should also be disclosed to the doctor.

Other precautions you should take include;

  • avoid operating heavy machinery and driving for at least six hours after using the tablets
  • avoid alcohol and marijuana use while on medication
  • Pregnant mothers should only use Flibanserin Tablets when absolutely necessary
  • Avoid tablets if breastfeeding.