Nizral Cream (Ketoconazol) 15 G Tube

Nizral Cream (Ketoconazol) 15 G Tube

Active ingredient: Ketoconazol
Packaging Type: 15 g tube
Manufacturer : Janssen Cilag
Product Code: PR990127
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Nizral Cream 2% w/v 15 gm

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Product Information:

Nizral Cream (Ketoconazole 2% cream) is hostile to parasitic cream utilized topically (on the skin) to treat different contagious diseases in a few sections of the body including ringworm, competitor's foot, candida contamination (cutaneous candidiasis), tinea tricolor which is otherwise called sun organism, and seborrheic dermatitis. Nizoral Cream (Nizral) made by Johnson and Johnson, is accessible with a quality of 2% and stuffed in a 15 grams’ tube.



Apply or Use Nizral Cream (Nizoral cream with 2% Ketoconazole) to the influenced range here and there day by day as taught by your therapeutic services supplier. Gentle contaminations more often than not vanish following a couple of days while severe or willful diseases can keep going for 1-2 months. Keep applying the cream until all signs and side effects have disappeared.



Apply or use or consume Nizral cream (Nizoral cream with 2% Ketoconazole) to the impacted extent here and there step by step as educated by your restorative administration's supplier. Tender defilements as a general rule vanish taking after two or three days while genuine or persistent illnesses can continue going for 1-2 months. Mentagrophytes and Epidermophyton floccose; in the treatment of tinea (pityriasis) Versicolor brought about by Malassezia furfur ( a parasitic disease that causes cocoa or light-hued spots on the midsection, back, arms, legs, or neck); in the treatment of cutaneous candidiasis created by Candida sp. Furthermore, in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis (yeast contaminations of the skin).


Side Effects:

Nizral Cream 2% is very much endured by the skin.The most basic symptoms of are a serious aggravation, pruritus, and stinging. Less usual symptoms that may happen are excruciating hypersensitive responses. Nizral cream is all around endured by a large number of people, and it doesn't enter your circulation system being a topical solution. The standard symptoms of Nizoral Cream (Ketoconazole Cream 2%) are serious bothering, pruritus and stinging. You may feel a smoldering sensation or mild aggravation in the wake of applying the cream however these as a rule vanish soon.



Nizral Cream of 2% (Nizoral Cream) contains sodium sulfite anhydrous in it, a sulfite which may bring about sort hypersensitive responses including anaphylactic indications and life-debilitating or less acute asthmatic scenes in particular helpless individuals. The general event of sulfite affectability in the all-inclusive community is obscure and most likely little. Sulfite affectability is witnessed more regularly in asthmatic than in nonasthmatic individuals.

•    Try not to apply to skin territories with open injuries.

•    Wash your hands thoroughly and satisfyingly in the wake of using the cream and close the tube immovably. Keep out of range of youngsters.