Generic Mestinon (Pyridostigmine bromide)

Generic Mestinon (Pyridostigmine bromide)

Active ingredient: Pyridostigmine bromide
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Product information:

Mestinon which is medically referred to as pyridostigmine bromide is an oral inhibitor that increases acetylcholine in the human body. The drug is considered to be more of a therapy medication. Decrease in acetylcholine levels s common in patients suffering from neuromuscular blocking medicines and those with myasthenia gravis. So as to correct this, pyridostigmine component is introduced in to the blood stream of sick persons. With such introduction, body muscles are rejuvenated causing free and easy movement of the muscles. What this means is that the body enzyme that the body enzyme responsible for getting rid of acetylcholine is restrained from causing further damage to the body. In the end, there is increase in acetylcholine concentration at the nerve joints. The advantage of taking this drug is that it has an extended time of action.  
The drug is given through ingestion by mouth. The strengths prescribed include 60 mg tablets or 600mg syrup and the 180mg tablets to be taken for a limited time spun. 
Doctors prescribe the drug to sick people who have undergone surgery since they are prone to have weak body muscles that form as a result of the operation.  Persons with the myasthenia gravis ailment are given the drug to get cured. People who have difficulties swallowing the tablet are given the Mestinon syrup.  
Side effects:
To begin with, Mestinon has serene outcomes in everybody taking it although there are some few cases where the side effects are serious. The less serious effects are diarrhea, headaches, weak body muscles, the feeling of wanting to pass out, increase in the excretions of the bronchi, loss of appetite, body aches, sweating, nausea, unsettled stomach that is accompanied by pains, dilated pupils, trembling of muscles and continuous vomiting among others. 
For patients who are expectant, pyridostigmine should only be allowed if it has been dteremined that the risks are minor.
30.  Generic Mevacor (Lovastatin)
Product information:
Mevacor statin is used to reduce cholesterol effects in persons suffering from hypercholesterolemia condition. The drug whose generic name is Lovastatin, has proved to be effective and as a result many patients are currently using it. The drug can be availed in generic form. 
It is taken by mouth in the form of pills. The dosage will vary according to the doctor’s diagnosis. 
The drug is mostly used by adults who have cholesterol complications. 
Side effects:
There are very minimal cases of patients having side effects which only go to prove that the drug is friendly to the body. The few side effects felt in the body include;
Stomach and abdominal  pains
Brief mind problems that can cause confusion
The medication is known to cause diabetes or if the patient already has it, it can worsen it. With this in mind, patients should inform the doctor of any past history of diabetes and other diseases. In certain cases, the effects will be felt after you stop taking the drug and if this happens, alert the doctor as soon as possible. Some side effects that take may affect the patient after he or she stops taking the drug include body weakness, muscle pains, bloody urine that is a sign of kidney problems and the ability to bleed easily when injured.
Keep the drug away from children to avoid incidences where the child swallows the pills. 
If symptoms persist, seek medical help. The doctor will change the drug you have been using or change the dosage. 
Avoid taking double dosage if you have missed taking it at the prescribed time. To avoid forgetting, you can decide to set an alarm at the exact time when you are going to take the next medication.