Generic Trandate (Labetalol) 100 mg

Generic Trandate (Labetalol) 100 mg

Active ingredient: Labetalol
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Generic Trandate 100 mg

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Product Information

Labetalol is a drug that is used to treat hypertension. This medicine belongs to the beta blocker and alpha blocker class of drugs. It works by blocking the movement of natural chemicals such as epinephrine into your blood vessels and heart. This as a result, reduces blood pressure and uneven heartbeats. Reducing high blood pressure prevents the risk of having heart attacks, stroke and kidney complications. 
Take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Labetalol is taken orally twice a day. This medication can be taken with or without food. You are at liberty to choose how to take it. Take Labetalol the same time every day. Use it frequently to get the most of it. While doing this, ensure you follow your doctor's instructions carefully. 
When using Labetalol, you will realize, it may take several weeks before you the get the most of it. It is therefore important to continue taking the medication even when the symptoms subside. Do not increase or reduce the dosage as recommended. If you feel the need to quit, inform your doctor instantly for further directions. You might be required to use this drug your whole life as high blood pressure lacks symptoms hence you cannot feel sick. Inform your doctor if you condition improves or persist. Remember to store the medicine at room temperature away from moisture, heat and light. What's more, discard the medicine if it has expired. 
Side Effects
Labetalol has the following side effects: unusual tiredness, dizziness, reduced sex drive, fainting, blue fingers, mood changes, weight gain, confusion, swelling of the feet especially the ankles, trouble breathing, depression, liver disease, abdominal upset, dark urine, nausea, shortness of breath, yellowing of the eyes or skin, skin rash, itching, trouble breathing and swelling of the face, tongue or throat. 
Tell your doctor if you have the following conditions before taking Labetalol. These are:
Heart problems
Liver disease
Kidney disease