Nitroglycerin 6.4 mg

Nitroglycerin 6.4 mg

Active ingredient: Nitroglycerin
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Generic Nitroglycerin (30 tabs in bottle)) 6.4 mg

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Product Information;


Nitroglycerin stretched out discharge containers are utilized to anticipate mid-section torment (angina) in individuals with a particular heart condition (coronary supply route illness). This pharmaceutical has a place with a class of medications known as nitrates. Angina happens when the heart muscle is not getting enough blood. This drug works by unwinding and augmenting veins so blood can stream all the more effortlessly to the heart.




Take this pharmaceutical by mouth, generally 3 to 4 times day by day or as coordinated by your specialist. It is critical to take the medication at the same times every day. Try not to change the dosing times unless coordinated by your specialist. The dose prescribed by the doctor depends on your medicinal condition and reaction to treatment. Gulp down this prescription. Try not to pulverize or bite the containers. Doing such stuff can discharge the majority of the medication on the double and may expand your danger of reactions. Utilize this prescription routinely to get the most advantage from it. Don't all of a sudden quit taking this pharmaceutical without counseling your specialist. A few conditions may turn out to be more terrible when the medication is all of a sudden halted. Your dosage may be slowly diminished.




This medicine won't soothe mid-section torment once it happens. It is additionally not planned to be taken just before physical exercises, (for example, exercise, sexual movement) to avoid mid-section torment. Different meds might be required in these circumstances. Counsel your specialist for more points of interest, Nitroglycerin.


Side Effects:


  • Cerebral pain, dazedness, dizziness, sickness, and flushing may happen as your body acclimates to this solution. If any of these impacts endure or compound, tell your specialist or drug specialist immediately.
  • A migraine is frequently a sign that this prescription is working. Your specialist may prescribe treating headaches with an over-the-counter torment reliever, (for example, acetaminophen, headache medicine). On the off chance that the cerebral pains proceed or get to be serious, tell your specialist instantly.




Before using or consuming Nitroglycerin, tell or consult your specialist or drug specialist on the chance that you are sensitive to it; or to similar medications, (for example, isosorbide mononitrate); or to nitrites; or on the chance that you have whatever other hypersensitivities. This thing can have inactive fixings that may bring about emotional responses many or unusual issues. Converse or talk with your medicine specialist for extra subtle fundamentals.