Generic Hydrazide 25 Mg Tablet

Generic Hydrazide 25 Mg Tablet

Active ingredient: Hydrochlorothiazide
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Hydrazide is used alone or in combination with some other tablets to regulate the blood pressure.  In order to treat the edema, Hydrazide tablets are used for adjunctive therapy. The edema which is related with health problems such as estrogen therapy, corticosteroid, hepatic cirrhosis and heart failure is treated through the regular use of Hydrazide tablets.

Hydrazide tablets belong to the class of tablets which are called ‘’water pills’’. The main purpose of this medicine is to make the kidney to expel more water and salts from the body in urine which in turn results in lowering of blood pressure.Hydrazide tablets are also used with Generic Micardis  (Sarlet tablets) to enhance the effects of antihypersensitivity. The enhancement in these effects makes it easier to treat the hypertension. 
There is different dosage for every patient depending on the therapeutic response of the patient. In order to meet the treatment objectives, the doctor may recommend the patient to take the lowest possible dosage. 
Dosage for adults:
The adults are recommended to take 25 mg to 100 mg single tablet daily. Some patients are also recommended to use the Hydrazide tablet in alternate days. Usually the adults are recommended to use Generic Hydrazide 25 Mg Tablet. However, the dose can be increased to 5o mg if the desired results are not obtained. The dosage of 50 mg or more can cause the reduction in potassium serum. The patients are usually not recommended to take dosage more than 50 mg.
How to use?
You should take this tablet orally once in the morning in fast. You should take this medicine within 4 hours of your bed time. The dosage should be taken according to the prescription of doctor since the dosage is different for all the patients depending on their medical conditions. 
If you want to get maximum benefits from the medicine, try using this medicine on regular basis. Keep taking the medicine even after you start feeling relief from hypertension and edema. 
Side effects:
The common possible side effects which a person may experience are
1. Stomach problem 
2. Dizziness
3. Headache which occurs until the patient’s body adjusts itself to the medication
Many people using this medicine don’t feel any side effect. The doctors recommend the patient to take this medicine only after he has judged that the medicine can have more benefits in patients than side effects. You can also experience serious loss of water from your body (dehydration) in rare cases. Some of the serious side effects of Hydrazide are
1. Cramp or weakness
2. Irregular heart beat (slow or fast)
3. Unusual decreased urination
4. Pain in eyes
5. Decreased vision
6. Dry mouth 
If you are allergic to this medicine, inform your doctor about it. if taken in usual dose, Hydrazide has no side effects however; if it is overdosed, then the person may experience dizziness, trouble breathing, itching, rash, fatigue, swelling etc. in case you notice any of these side effects, immediately visit your doctor.