Finalo (Finasteride, Propecia)

Finalo (Finasteride, Propecia)

Active ingredient: Finasteride
Packaging Type: 100 tabs/pack
Manufacturer : Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Product Code: PR190092
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Product Information

Finalo (Generic Propecia) by Intas contains generic substance Finasteride which is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor used in men to treat male pattern hair loss. It interferes with testosterone metabolism and prevents the creation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which contributes to the hair follicle damage.


Usage and dosing of the medication should be recommended by your physician. Typically, the dose for adult men who want to treat baldness is 1mg per day. Finalo (Generic Propecia) by Intas tablets are 1mg each, therefore the use of Finalo (Generic Propecia) by Intas is convenient and only one pill a day is necessary.

How To use Finalo

Use one tablet of Finalo (Generic Propecia) by Intas every day, before or after the meal. Tend to use it at the same time every day (e.g. after breakfast). Never use double doses if you forgot to take the previous tablet! Baldness is very hard to treat and you may have to take Finalo (Generic Propecia) by Intas for three or more months before seeing the results. If there are no results after one year of use, reconsider the therapy with your physician.

Side effects of Finalo

As every other drug, Finalo (Generic Propecia) by Intas may have side effects. Those include: allergic reactions to the drug, decreased libido, impotence, breast tenderness and pain, swollen testicles, runny nose and headache.

If you ever had allergic reactions to drugs containing Finasteride, do not use this drug! Women and children should never use this medication. Men with liver disorder should use this medication with caution.

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Taking Finalo during Pregnancy

Finalo by Intas has no indications in women.