Mebeverine Tablets 135 mg

Mebeverine Tablets 135 mg

Active ingredient: Mebeverine
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Generic Colospa 135 mg

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Mebeverine:  a drug used in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatment and  all the other stomach relates and abdominal cramping. It operates by relaxing the muscles within and around the stomach region. It`s a Musculotropic antispasmodic medicine without any form of side effects  of anticholinergic with it. The drug is also used to deal with diverticulosis,  diverticulitis, regional enteritis, malfunction of the gall ducts and gall bladder and dysentery.

  • Product Information:
  • Mebeverine Tablets 135 mg, known as Colofac, is an antispasmodic drug which is used to relieve you from bloating and cramping in the lower abdominal regions. These inflammations are commonly related with the gastrointestinal conditioning known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBR). Mebeverine reacts with few targeted muscles within the walls of the intestines, causing it to relax. This reduces the pain, cramps and inflammation in the abdomen.
  • Dosage:
  • Comes in 3 dosage quantity. It is available in 50 mg which is in liquid form, in 135 mg tablets and a 200 mg tablet. Consult the doctor to know which dosage is for you and how to use it and when to use it.

Generally, 50 mg and 135 mg dosages are taken 3 times in a day, 20 minutes prior to meal whereas a 200 mg capsule is taken 2 times in a day. One in the morning and one the second in the evening, both 20 minutes prior to a meal.


  • Directions:
  • Mebeverine Tablets 135 mg are taken 3 times in a day. Take a single tablet and intake it with water 20 minutes before having your meal. Take another pill after exact 8 hours and make sure you take it 20 minutes prior to the meal. Repeat the same step after every 8 hours and make sure you are having a substantially good meal. Follow the same routine for the next few days, as recommended by the doctor.
  • Side effects:
  • Mebeverine rarely causes any side effects and most of the time they are minor and can hardly cause any negative effects. Some of the symptoms may include allergic reactions, itchiness, and rashness around the face and neck or sometimes swelling. But these are tolerable side effects, in the case of  lenient pains or any serious problem, visit your doctor and get a medical treatment.
  • Warnings and Precautions:
  • Before undergoing this medication you should notify your doctor with information such as
  • If you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother. This is because the reason is that while you are expecting a baby you should always refer to a doctor so that the medicine doesn’t affect the health of your child.
  • Having severe constipation, or if your bowels aren’t working efficiently and effectively.
  • If you are using any other form of medication which can interact with this drug, in that case, it is very wise to open up with the doctor and bring this point to their attention
  • If you have ever experienced with an allergic reaction due to this medicine or major side effects.
  • In the case of missed dosage don’t take 2 pills to cover up the last one but rather continue with the next dosage and contact the doctor for further information.